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A Vision Network specialize in the field of direct marketing. Our motivation is driven by passion for the industry we work within. The outsourced services we can provide your business will guarantee return on investment.



A Personal Touch...

A Personal Touch...

. A Vision Network take great pride in the fact they are a 100% people orientated company, from the customers that they acquire on behalf of their clients, to the clients themselves

Not Just Locally...

Not Just Locally...

A Vision Network provides outsourced marketing services to large blue-chip companies, successfully acquiring large volumes of customers and increasing their profit nationwide.

Your Goals, Our Goals...

Your Goals, Our Goals...

We provide our clients with quality long term customers on a daily basis as this is imperative for our own continued growth and expansion for A Vision Network.

Lets Go Over The Numbers, Shall We?

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New Markets Targeted Every Week
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At A Vision Network, We Prepare Today, To Grow Tomorrow.

-- Daniel Fitzgerald | Director & CEO --

Our Bespoke Services

Our services are delivered with dedication and everyone at A Vision Network is passionate about developing effective marketing strategies.

Why Choose Us?

Outsourcing your marketing operations is significantly less costly than training and maintaining your own sales teams. The main benefit of working with a direct sales and marketing company is that you can rapidly expand your business without having to rapidly expand your entire business operation.

What we offer
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Dedicated Service
  • Experience

The Future

Here at A Vision Network we have cemented a great reputation within the direct sales and marketing industry and are recognized nationwide. We are confident that the massive success we have achieved in 2013 will be carried on through to 2014 and beyond, taking A Vision Network international.

What we offer
  • Customer Feedback
  • In-person Approach
  • Consulting
  • Friendly Face To Your Brand

Recession-Proof Industry

At A Vision Network, we deliver our clients service and product on a face-to-face basis, simply because face-to face marketing is a proven technique that is guaranteed success when carried out correctly. This method of marketing is ageless and will continue to succeed against any technologies.

What we offer
  • Brand Awareness
  • Project Management
  • Sales Implementation
  • Territory Management

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  • What is the difference between marketing, advertising, and sales?

    This is a common question, and a lot of people confuse these various terms. First of all, marketing encompasses a wide range of both analysis and tactics. For example, marketing involves doing customer analysis, including market segmentation, market perceptions, market sizing, but also competitive analysis and reactions, target segment selection, positioning, branding, advertising, sales, promotions, channel of distribution arrangement and management, product line decisions, sales force management, and more.
  • As a company what can be done in a down economy?

    Now is the best time to grab market share. The economy really will come back and, if you have the financial resources, now is the very best time to take market share away from your competitors.
  • What products and services are marketed through direct selling?

    Virtually every consumer product or service can be purchased through direct selling.
  • Is marketing really worth it?

    If you’re not getting back more than you spend, then you’re doing it wrong. Marketing pays for itself and then some, but it doesn’t happen overnight.
  • How long does it take for the sales marketing effort to take effect?

    You’ll start to see return on investment (ROI) almost immediately once the pilot program has been worked out.

Who Are We?

Sales Strategy Implementation
Customer Satisfaction
Brand Awareness & Identity Building
Project Management
Client Feedback
Quality Service
People say that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the direct route, and so direct sales is the conventional approach of selling directly to your customer and cutting out the clutter. One of our key objectives has always been to deliver a high standard of customer service and provide a cost effective marketing campaign for our clients.
Having that face-to-face interaction with potential customers is priceless. Through this type of marketing our clients can communicate directly with their target market; this enables them to ask questions and tailor their product or service to that potential customer.


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